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Hello and thank you for stopping by my little  corner on the net. I'm very happy in my life because I'm married to a wonderful man of 11 yrs and have two beautiful children whom I love with all my heart. I made this site to offer template for those of you who are looking for them. Check the bottom of the page for this weeks template. Sit back grab a drink and browse my site. I hope you will enjoy your stay here and find some interesting things to enjoy.

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September 26 2012

Went to Kristie's last night and had dinner was nice.. We took the dogs for a walk and rented the movie Cabin In The Woods.. Had to laugh as it was so stupid. Really had a nice time.. Think I'm gonna make a good dessert today, gonna look on Pentrest and see if I can find something yummy. I'm so totally blowing my diet today fixing fried chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and mac and cheese for dinner. Haven't ate mashed potatoes in months so it will be nice to have them. So tired of dieting have lost about 10 pounds so it is working but occasionally feels nice to have a fatting day


September 21 2012

Me and hubby went to Lake Huron yesterday was a nice drive was hoping to get to see more of the lake with the route we planned but couldn't for all the trees.. still was nice though. Here a few pics we took.

Going to clean house today it's a mess been lazy last few days over the weekend, really not in the mood to clean but going to anyway. Slept late today again.. think i'm getting my night's and days mixed up

September 21 2012

Well very depressed today my daughter took her  ex back and I know she in for a heart break again. How do you convince your daughter when it not gonna work. Guess I just have to learn to let her live her life and find out for herself.

Looking forward to tomorrow me and Kristie are gonna go and see a movie House at the end of the street. It's a scary movie I just love them.. Love the thrill of being scared lol... Yesterday we went and got us manicures and pedicures. The guy who did me was rough don't want him again.

September 19 2012

Been working on a website all day to day for a friend finally finished you can see it by clicking the word here. Took me a couple day to finish it but finally did. He really likes it I'm glad.

Been really really hurt by someone and don't know how to handle it. Want to call this person but I know I will say things I shouldn't say so I guess its better not to say anything.. Looking forward to tomorrow as me and my friend Kristie are going to get pedicures and our nails done. Love hanging with Kristie she's my friend.. Sunday we are going to go see House at the end of the street.. It's a scary movie and we both love them  so will be fun.

Going to try to make this tomorrow it  looks so good click the pic for the link to make it. They look so yummy will not be what I'm suppose to eat for the diet I'm on but so gonna make them.


Live life to the fullest as if each day is your last!

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